Condo vs. Townhouse – What’s the Difference?

Condo vs Townhouse Whats the Difference Team Garner Realty Group

Are you searching for a new residence and unsure of the distinction between a condo and a townhouse? If you’re trying to decide between a condo vs townhouse, it’s important to understand their differences before making a decision. While both are popular properties, they have distinct differences that can affect your decision. In order to assist you in choosing between these two types of properties, this blog will clearly explain the distinctions between them. By the end of this article, you will know the difference between townhouses and condos and which is the most suitable for you.

What are Condos and Townhouses?

Condominiums are privately owned apartments or similar multi-unit buildings that are a portion of a bigger complex. The homeowners’ association owns the building and maintains any common areas. Condominiums typically cost less than single-family homes because HOA management takes ownership of common facilities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and clubs.

On the other hand, townhouses are often owned outright by the individual homeowner – including the land beneath them. They typically offer more space and privacy than a condo, with multiple levels and sometimes outdoor areas like patios or yards. They also come with higher price tags and additional property maintenance responsibilities.

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Townhouse vs. Condo Differences

There are still many individuals who are unsure of choosing between a condo or townhouse, but you should be aware of the following significant distinctions:


Private individuals own condos, and a homeowners’ association manages the building and common areas. Townhouses are typically owned outright, including the land beneath them.

Space and Privacy

Condos often come with smaller living spaces compared to townhouses. Townhouses offer more space and outdoor areas like patios or yards for added privacy.


Homeowners’ associations are responsible for maintaining condos, while townhouses require property owners to take on more responsibility for their upkeep and repair. Be sure to talk to your real estate agent about this factor when looking into townhomes and condos for sale.


Condos are typically more affordable than single-family homes due to shared ownership of standard amenities. But how much do townhouses cost? Townhouses tend to come with higher price tags than their condo counterparts.

Choosing Between a Townhouse or Condo

Choosing Between a Townhouse or Condo in Massachusetts Team Garner Realty Group

You might be asking which kind of residence is best for you after we’ve discussed the distinctions between the two. A number of variables, such as your financial situation, way of life, and individual interests, will influence your decision. Here are some key things to consider when making your decision:

  • Budget: Townhouses are often more expensive than condos, but they also offer more space and privacy. When making a choice, take into account your spending limit and the size of the home you require.
  • Lifestyle: Do you value amenities like a gym or pool? Or do you prefer a quieter, more private living situation? Pick an investment that meets your needs while keeping in mind the lifestyle you desire.
  • Maintenance: Condos typically have shared maintenance responsibilities, leaving you free from most of the work. Townhouses require you to be more hands-on where upkeep is concerned. Before deciding between a townhouse or condominium, consider the

amount of effort and time you’re prepared to invest in keeping and maintaining your home and yard.

Tips on choosing a property that best fits your lifestyle

It’s important to consider your way of life while deciding between a condo vs townhouse. Do you enjoy hosting guests and need ample space for entertaining? Or are you looking for a low-maintenance property that provides the convenience of city living? Here are some tips to help you choose a property that best fits your lifestyle, whether it’s a condo or a townhouse:

  • Location: Take into account the location of the property and determine whether the area meets your lifestyle requirements.
  • Amenities: Think about the amenities you value most, such as a pool or gym, and choose a property that offers those amenities.
  • Space: If you need more space or privacy, a townhouse may be a better fit. If you prefer low-maintenance living, a condo may be a better option.
Tips on choosing a property that best fits your lifestyle - Team Garner Realty Group


When selecting a condo vs townhouse, it’s crucial to take your financial capabilities and lifestyle into account. Both housing choices have specific advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to do your due diligence and consider which kind of housing style matches your requirements.

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