Why it is crucial to hire a real estate agent to sell your home

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It is a LOT of hard work selling a home.

Managing the open houses, showings, people just showing up, keeping up with market value, staging, and much more leave you exhausted and emotionally drained.  It quickly becomes evident that it is time to have a professional take over.  The original thought of saving money is now replaced with the reality that hiring a seasoned professional is worth its weight in gold.

MLS – The multiple listing service is the main reason to go with a licensed agent.  They alone can list your home. Your home is sent out to dozens of online sites, and into buyer’s and seller’s hands, so your home always has steady foot traffic in showings and open houses.   Also, when you list as ‘For sale by Owner’, you still must pay a flat fee.  This probably explains why people who attempt to sell on their own are unsuccessful and give up.

LEGALLY – Are you aware that a licensed realtor has a fiduciary duty to the client?  A licensed agent is bound by law to act in a seller’s (or buyers) best interest. If they do not, a seller has recourse in court.

COMMISSION – Agents are generally paid in a split commission deal.  The selling agent and the buying agent split a percentage of the Sale price for the commission.  It gets very confusing even for the agent.  You may need to pay out even if you are selling on your own.

CONTRACTS – In negotiations, who would have the upper hand in a tough offer negotiation?   The licensed, professional, experienced agent who has done it dozens of times, or you who has an emotional attachment to the home?

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Without a listing agent, going into negotiations leaves you vulnerable. At the agreed price between the sellers and buyers, even a smooth negotiation process can get sticky very quickly.  Some unusual offers that can be difficult such as all-cash offers, bidding wars, low-income offers are not easily handled without a real estate agent. All the paperwork can add up to mistakes and can be costly.  With a realtor, any errors pass the repercussions off to the agent, including any legal issues.

ZONING – Homeowners may not be educated on housing code or zoning violations.  This knowledge is crucial when trying to sell a house.  A house will not sell if it is in violation of code, no matter how irrelevant they seem.

PRICING – Real estate agents have access to comparable home sales and neighborhood information.  Without access to this pricing information, you are playing a dangerous guessing game on pricing your home and will most likely lose. There are online tools, but a realtor physically evaluates the home and usually knows the area with its unique pros and cons.   Your home value estimate based on current market trends and predictions is found with a seasoned agent.   

MARKETING is about getting exposure. Any good real estate agent knows what listings buyers will be attracted to and recognizes and highlights a home’s qualities.  It is a consuming process, and you will be happy that a professional has taken over.

At Team Garner Realty Group in Norwell MA our real estate agents have years of experience in buying and selling homes in Massachusetts.  We have to knowledge and tools to price, marketing, and negotiate with buyers so that you quickly sell your house with the least aggravation and the best price.  We are happy to discuss the entire process with you; so if you own a home on the south shore of MA please call us soon.