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We serve the South Shore of Massachusetts, the birthplace of two former Presidents and the home of some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

Besides having some of the most beautiful homes in southeastern Massachusetts, the towns are distinctive, the beaches are beautiful, the communities are peaceful, and the museums are fascinating.  If you enjoy waking up every morning to the sound of seagulls, you will absolutely love living on the South Shore.

The South Shore is also home to the oldest church in the nation. Old Ship Church in Hingham, MA, is the only surviving example of English Gothic style in America, and the church is still in use to this day.

If you have children, you will love the outstanding educational opportunities available on the South Shore. There are summer programs, advanced placement courses, programs for gifted students, and so much more.

When you live on the South Shore of Massachusetts, you will have access to every possible luxury. From top-notch restaurants to performing arts venues to premier shopping, it’s all here.

Here are some of the towns we service in the South Shore:

Team Garner Realty Group Colonial Style House Norwell MA


The best way to describe the town of Norwell, MA, would be down-home comfortable. The town has made a concerted effort to protect its rural atmosphere by implementing very stringent zoning regulations. The colonial-style residences are graced with big, beautiful shade trees and rolling country hills. If you are looking for a quiet place to live in southeastern Massachusetts, this is it.

Colonial Style House Scituate MA Team Garner Realty Group


Scituate may be the most beautiful coastal community in all of Massachusetts. The long, white beaches are perfect for a picnic with the one you love. When Scituate was first incorporated, it was considered more of a summer colony. Now, many years later, it has evolved into a residential haven. But don’t worry, this town still has its historic charm.

Team Garner Realty Group Colonial Style Cohasset MA


Cohasset, MA, is one of the smaller towns in the South Shore, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. It’s beautiful, picturesque, and has a strong cultural identity.  Cohasset hasn’t grown as quickly as some of the other communities. Because of this slow growth, this community has been able to retain its original charm and character.

Colonial Style Duxbury MA Team Garner Realty Group


The town of Duxbury, MA is known for its many antique homes. Because of this, it is in a class of its own. The best way to describe this town is simply lovely. It features an oceanside setting, charming older homes, and a lot of adventurous outdoor activities. Duxbury also has a great school system.

Team Garner Realty Group Large Colonial House Hingham MA


Hingham, MA, is a desirable location for those who commute to Boston on a daily basis. Though it is a seashore town, it’s close enough to Boston to get those “big city” skyline views, yet far enough away that you don’t feel the hustle and bustle of the city.

Team Garner Realty Group Shingled Houses Marshfield MA


The town of Marshfield, MA, is the neighboring community of Scituate. Marshfield became quite popular in the 1600s due to its very fertile marshlands. To this day, there are a significant number of homes that have been around since that time. If you love hiking, bird watching, and studying nature, and just exploring the beach, then Marshfield is the place to be.

Split Level House Hanover MA Team Garner Realty Group


This semi-rural suburb is great for those who love to shop. It features three shopping areas and one large, enclosed mall. Hanover, MA is known for its quiet residential neighborhoods, tree-lined streets, and its selection of beautiful homes. 

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