How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale Remax Deluxe

It is best to consider yourself as a prospective home buyer when you sell your home. From that vantage, you can determine how your house compares to the other homes that will be competing for the buyers’ interest.

Ultimately, your home must be in excellent condition to get the highest price possible when you sell it.

The Buyer’s Initial Impression/Curb Appeal

Some buyers will form their first impression of your home before they even step foot inside — sometimes by just looking at the photos online. Getting the best price for your home in the most competitive market requires making the best first impression.

“Curb appeal” is important.  It is the first impression a home buyer has of your home as they pull up to the curb. This view from the curb reveals how attractive and well-maintained your property might be, relative to other houses.

Providing a positive first impression inside of the home takes more than pruning the shrubs and planting a few daisies.

You are much more likely to selling your home when someone likes the exterior. In many people’s minds, this means they will be inclined to like the interior, too.

Here are a few suggestions to create curb appeal: go outside, stand on your home’s curb and look critically through the buyer’s view. Consider these factors:

Maintain Your Walkways And Driveways

Clean pathways, remove leaves, weeds, and debris from the path, and replace or repair cracked steps or pavers. Make sure your driveway is clear of toys, vehicles, and debris.

Leave the cars parked in the garage, and walkways should be clear of tree limbs and other obstructions.

Mind The Landscaping And Lawn

Replace unsightly landscaping with fresh plants and flowers. Manicure your trees and plants. Weed flower beds and set new mulch on flower beds and planters.

Maintain your lawn, edge it, and water it. Remove any bikes or other toys from the yard.  Be sure to move any waste cans and put them out of sight or in your garage.

Polish Your Home’s Exterior

Clean out gutters and replace defective or loose roof shingles. Mend busted windows and screens. Replace wall trim and re-paint the wall.

Install new mailboxes and light fixtures. Try to wash the siding, brick, windows, and porches with power washers.

Team Garner Realty Group How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Spruce Up Your Ingresses Or Porch

Apply a fresh coat of paint on the front door, then substitute old furnishings like tables, rocking chairs or patio swings. Choose a color that highlights and accentuates the rest of the exterior. Popular colors include black, blue, red, and turquoise.

Replacing damaged door hardware and bringing out a new doormat are some modes of maximizing curb appeal.

Don’t Forget The Backyard

The backyard sets the tone for how the buyers envision spending their time off with their families and friends.

Buyers who visualize themselves living in an outdoor space will envision themselves in the home, making it more attractive.

Install Or Enhance An Outdoor Living Area

Build a pergola, a water feature or a fire pit with a gathering area if your backyard does not have a centerpiece. Installing any of these is an affordable weekend project that can add significant value to your place.

Clean And Organize The Interior

While this post has mainly focused on curb appeal, don’t forget the interior. Arrange your furniture in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Make sure everything is cleaned, cobwebs dusted, countertops polished. Light some mildly scented candles. Also, make sure to remove objects that may be considered controversial in your home, as you never know what culture you will be exposed to.

These are just a few tips. A real estate agent will inform you of the best ways to manage all of these to maximize your home’s resale value. They provide a detailed understanding of the market forces and the buyer culture in your area. While they do cost something, ultimately, they will get you a better price for your home, one that’s based on the fair market value of your area. Yes, it’s a sellers’ market everywhere, especially here in the Norwell area of MA, but a good real estate agent on the South Shore will help you achieve the best value with the least stress.