Common House Styles in New England

Common House Styles in New England Remax Deluxe South Shore MA

We all have varying preferences when it comes to our ideal homes, which is understandable given the numerous factors that influence our choices. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: deciding on which type of house to live in is indeed a difficult task. You have to think about your current lifestyle, the number of people who will live with you, your design preferences, and a lot more!

That’s why, if you plan to move or buy a house in New England, you may be drawn to a number of distinctive yet beautiful house styles. In case you didn’t know, these are the most common house styles in New England, and we’ll go over each one so you can become more familiar with them.


Federal Style homes, which were popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, are often box-like. It is symmetrical, with a low-pitch roof and end chimneys. This elongated townhouse style is typically two or three stories tall. The majority of Federal-style houses have ornate entrances and windows. It was a progression from late Georgian-style homes with extremely intricate workmanship and materials. It is still popular today because it has a very elegant appearance.

Federal House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA


Colonial House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA

This house style was popular from 1630 to 1780, during the Colonial Period. The first-period colonial homes were constructed with heavily timbered woods, diamond pane windows, and a second-story overhang. As time passed, glass was used to refine window panes, and the entrance is now surrounded by more designs. It has a high-pitched roof and is mostly rectangular in shape. A Colonial-style house is typically two stories tall with a chimney on one or both sides. It is still popular today, with numerous variations and artistic integrations.


This type of house has a very elaborate exterior design. During the early twentieth century, it was an expensive house style that was even associated with higher societal status or great wealth. Tudor homes are also the most ‘British’ in terms of architecture, with a mix of Gothic Revival elements. The first story of most Tudor homes is made of brick, and the second story is made of wooden beams, stucco siding, and half-timber frames. It’s typically constructed with overlapping front-facing gables and steep roofs. This style has a more mature appearance with arched doorways and is typically more expensive than the other types of houses.

Tudor House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA


Ranch House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA

Ranch-style houses were popular in the mid-century. It is more economical and is much preferred in suburban development.  This style of home is typically constructed with an L-shaped floor plan, a single story with a pitched roof, and an attached garage. What’s great about this look is how adaptable it is. It is also simpler and less expensive to make future changes and additions.

Cape Cod

Introduced in the original 13 colonies, the Cape Cod style is rather simple and more functional. It is mostly occupied by small families and has a minimal aesthetic appeal. It had a basic rectangular and gable sloped roof which made it easy to build.   However, the structure of Cape Cod houses makes dealing with winter and cold weather easier. In the 1930s, it was revived and popularized. At present, it has more style and variations and is still popular and common.

Cape Cod House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA


Shingle House Style Remax Deluxe South Shore MA

Shingle houses have wide porches, continuous shingles, steeply pitched rooflines, and windows. It was originally designed as a summer destination for wealthy people during the 1880s. It features a clean and rustic look which is close to Colonial and Cape Cod. The shingles that cover the roofs and walls trimmed in white paint are what make this style unique.

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You will find more house styles in New England than those listed here, but this list gives you an idea of what’s out there. There’s also Victorian, Georgian, Multi-level, Split-level, and many more! Our experienced real estate agents and brokers in Team Garner Realty Group will help you in finding the perfect house style according to your specifications. We have helped many individuals, couples, and families in finding that one house that they can truly call “home.” Let us do the same for you!

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