Things To Check Before Buying a House

Things To Check Before Buying a House Home For Sale South Shore MA

Are you all set for a new journey? You’re probably excited to go to an open house or take a tour with an agent. Well, buying a house is like taking a new path, and it’s both exciting and overwhelming. Here are some very important things to look for before buying a house.

Assess the Yard

Yards are an important factor in creating a visually appealing home as well as the type of experience you want to have as a homeowner. But, what kind of yard do you want? Some homes have beautiful and intricate landscaping that can be costly to maintain. If you want to avoid this, a large lawn will suffice. A large yard can also provide you with some extra privacy. So, take time to consider how the yard is going to take its influence into your life in that house.

Take Note of Uneven or Sagging Floors

An uneven or sagging floor indicates a problem with the structure or plumbing. There are several causes of floor problems that you should be aware of. It could be a foundation problem, which would entail an even bigger repair cost for you.  To determine whether the floors in older homes are bouncy, a marble test must be performed. Some homes may have settled aggressively, resulting in uneven floors.

Be Wary of Cracks on the Walls

Be Wary of Cracks on the Walls Things To Check Before Buying a House Home for sale south shore MA

Who doesn’t see a crack in the wall as a warning sign? Everyone does because cracks indicate movement or tilting, and the structure can be adversely affected. It does not have to be only on the inside, but also on the outside. You might think it’s simple to identify them, but some real estate agents are quick to cover them. If you compromise on these wall cracks, you may come to regret it later.

Check The Windows and Doors

You’ll be surprised at how much difference doors and windows can make in your home. Aside from the amount of light and the vibe they provide, they do have an impact on security. Open and close all windows and doors. See if there are problems with the hinges, frames, or locks. Problems with these may result in poor ventilation or insulation, resulting in a large electric bill or high repair costs. 

Test the Electrical System

Make sure to be critical when inspecting the electrical system in the house. Test every possible outlet and hire an inspector. Aside from avoiding inconvenience when using, major accidents can occur due to faulty wiring or cluttered electrical panels. 

Examine the Appliances

Do you like the idea of having all the appliances installed before you buy? These conveniences are nice, but be cautious. Some sales agents may install a new-looking set of appliances in order to attract potential customers like you. So, ask the realtor for the age of any appliances that come with the home. If you’re planning on purchasing the home, be sure to have the appliances serviced by a knowledgeable service technician. 

Examine the Plumbing, Drainage, and Possible Leaks

When it comes to sinks, bathrooms, and toilets, you should always be skeptical. Check that the toilet bowl flushes properly, the shower works properly, and the faucets are operational. Examine the area beneath the sink for any signs of water leaking or mold growth. Also, make sure there are no leaking pipes.

Go to the Basement

Never, ever forget about the basement. Test the humidity and smell if you intend to build a storage room or a nice working room in the basement. This indicates moisture in the basement, which can lead to mildew and mold growth, both of which are harmful to your family’s health.

Ask About the Roof

When was the roof installed? Is there a good gutter system? Having a good roof over your head gives you peace of mind. So, before deciding to live in the house, make sure you thoroughly inspect the roof.

Now that you know what to look for before purchasing a home, one more piece of advice is to always make transactions with a reputable real estate agent. If you intend to live in Norwell or anywhere in the South Shore area, Team Garner Realty Group is your best choice. We have the best and most reliable real estate agents and brokers. This is our community too. Let us help you find your ideal home and achieve the home experience you have always wanted.

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