Tips for Selling A Home in the Winter

Tips for Selling A Home in the Winter Remax Deluxe

Having thoughts of selling your house during winter time? Most of us presume that putting up houses for sale in the winter is a bad idea. Perhaps! But there’s one thing that’s been overlooked here. During this season, many people are looking at homes for sale for practical reasons rather than recreational ones.

So, put your house in its best condition. Home buyers are really serious about finding a cozy place to spend their chilly evenings this time of year. Learn a few good tips here on how to make your house a wonderful gift to home buyers.

1. S is for Shovel  

It would be a reckless decision to sell your home when your path is still obstructed. You have to make sure that your potential buyers won’t experience any inconvenience when entering the house. Make sure the driveway is clear and not slippery, and place a mat at the front door. You can also designate a location for their snowy boots. Do these things to make a good first impression on buyers.

Tips for Selling A Home in the Winter Shovel Remax Deluxe

2. Never miss cleaning

Dust your furniture, fans, window panes, and other fixtures as needed. It would also be a good idea to clean and polish the floor, vacuum the carpet, and check for cobwebs. Be sure to leave your boots by the door so you don’t make a mess or leave stains on floors and carpets. Don’t forget to empty your trash can on a daily basis. Remember that interested buyers will thoroughly inspect the house, and seeing clutter may turn them off. Some buyers may even request that the basement, bathroom, or garage be inspected. So, keep your home spotless clean!

3. Set the mood–the right mood

A house isn’t a home if it’s not homey, as the saying goes. As a result, make sure to add extra touches to its various areas to create a cozy and welcoming environment. It should be a place of comfort and peace for the next owner. Decorate your house, but don’t overdo it.

Here are some ideas to spruce up the ambiance of your home:

  • Keep an eye on the temperature. You don’t want the house to feel stuffy, but you don’t want it to be too cold either.
  • Rearrange your living room furniture.
  • Place your couch or sofa near the fireplace and put some pillows on it.
  • Don’t overcrowd your walls with paintings and photos.
  • Arrange a collection of interesting books on the coffee table.
  • Make a cup of coffee or a mug of hot chocolate for your prospective buyers.

4. Pay attention to lights and windows

Because there are fewer daylight hours during the winter, adding lighting fixtures is a wise decision. Replace light bulbs and lamps with brighter ones, or place some lights on the porch or doorstep. You can also use your window to create natural lighting that will brighten up the entire space. You can experiment with some decorative lights outside, which you can admire while sitting next to the window.

Tips for Selling A Home in the Winter Window Remax Deluxe

5. Take Care of Your Lawn

Because the yard is the first thing buyers see when they walk up to your house, it has a big impact on their first impression. Even in winter, the yard contributes significantly to the curb appeal of your home. Buyers with a keen interest in landscaping will, therefore, carefully examine it. So, trim and prune those dead and falling branches on your property to keep your yard looking beautiful and safe. Likewise, rake some leaves and debris and add some winter plants.

6. Invest in fixing and maintenance

Nobody wants to buy a house that is riddled with flaws. Even if buyers are eager to find a home, they will never settle in a place with major maintenance issues. Remember that you are selling in the winter, so make sure that all insulation, heating, and cooling systems are in good working condition.

7. Show what the house looks like during other seasons

Put a few pictures of how your house looks in different seasons. It will stir some interest in your visitors when looking at a nice spring view or a fun summer. Entice your visitors by imagining what they can do in your home during the other seasons. Let them anticipate and be excited.

Sell Your House with The Best in The Industry!

Before you put up a ‘House for Sale’ sign, make sure you’ve checked all of these things. Although selling a house in the winter can be difficult, with the assistance and expertise of the agents at Team Garner Realty Group, potential buyers will line up in front of your property. If you’re looking at houses for sale in Massachusetts, our top-tier agents will expertly guide you to the right one. Our team understands exactly how to sell and market your home.  When it comes to anything about real estate, nobody does it better than us here at Team Garner Realty Group. Let us help you find the right buyer. Call us at 781-829-4301 today!