Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays Home For Sale South Shore MA

Christmas is almost here! Gifts are mostly ready, and by now, you may have a list of things to buy or do. But, before you get too excited, keep in mind that accidents and burglaries are more likely during the holidays. It’s very important that you take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your home before going on a Christmas vacation or hosting a Christmas party. We’ve got some tips for you on how to keep your home safe during the holidays.

1. Avoid advertising your holiday vacation

While it’s nice to see the reactions and comments on your social media post about your family’s getaway, it may also give intruders a reason to target your home. As much as you want to share your happy times, burglars and thieves are just around the corner, waiting for the right moment to strike. So, avoid announcing your travel plans. You don’t want to come home to find an almost empty house. Also, you can make the house appear occupied by remotely turning on music or lights. With today’s technology, you can control the lights and music right from your phone. 

2. Inform a trusted neighbor of your travel

Notify your most trusted neighbor of your vacation or travel plans and request that they look after the house for you. If your neighbor or friend agrees, you may invite them to stay in your home on occasion. Perhaps you could ask them to shovel the path or pick up packages that are delivered while you’re away. This will deter anyone with ill intentions.

3. Be ready against package theft

This is the time of year when unexpected packages from loved ones may arrive. But have you ever heard of package thieves? They’re real, and you don’t need to see one to take precautionary measures against them. Installing a burglar alert system is the best way to deal with burglars and thefts. You can also ask a neighbor to pick up your packages while you’re away.

4. Examine your lights

Who doesn’t enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights? Most of us would like to gaze at the flickering lights that lit up the entire town and gave off a holiday season vibe. However, when these lights are not quality checked, they can cause circuit problems or fire hazards. Turn off the lights on a regular basis, replace frayed cords or broken bulbs, and, most importantly, inspect the lights before turning them on.

Examine your lights Home for sale South Shore MA

5. Check your chimneys and furnaces

It’s nice to warm up the house with a furnace or a fireplace during the winter. However, even minor defects can start a fire. Allow a professional to inspect them and clean the air ducts and vents. Before the holidays, make sure your chimneys and furnaces are safe to use.

6. Use safe decorations

Keep your house hazard-free by using safe decorations. Choose a freshly cut Christmas tree and avoid putting it near the fireplace, and anchor it to the ceiling or wall to keep it upright. Candles and other combustible and flammable materials should not be used as decorations. It’s also important to keep electrical wires and outlets from moisture.

7. Be extra careful in the kitchen

Are you planning a lot of food to make for dinner? Well, it’s time to be extra cautious when using the kitchen. Keep a close eye on your oven and stove. Supervise family, friends, or relatives who come to help prepare the dinner.

Keep Your Home Safe and Insured!

Aside from the advice given, another thing you should do is get your home insured. And if you’re looking for a home that is more secure, it’s important to choose a reliable professional real estate agent. That’s where we at Team Garner Realty Group come in. As a leading South Shore real estate agency, we are fully aware of the most secure homes. Find an amazing place with Team Garner Realty Group!

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